for pickup truck medium to go without wiping.
The tire is wider. Rubber shoulder area.
Reduces abrasion and prolongs the life
of the tire with a special tire shoulder area.
Ensure control of wet driving.

Duravis R611 multi-purpose pickup truck tire The soft, comfortable driving experience for everyday travel is on a more pleasant path. With your good pickup truck, the Duravis R611 features the same tread design as the saloon. You can touch it.

  • Comfortable driving
  • Noise decreases while driving
  • Cost effective with longer life.
  • Low resistance to rotation Save energy

Duravis R611 standard tires at leading car choose with great features. It is also suitable for use with a wide variety of vehicles: – Space Cab, X Cab, Cab Cab, Cab Cab, Cab Cab, Super Cab, Cab Cab Saloon Cab, Station Wagon, Grand Wagon

Duravis R669 HD
revolutionizes the new dimension of development …

  • 15 “Rims for heavy trucks
  • With strong texture and rubber. Can accommodate a special weight.